i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

"I am an invisible girl who falls for boys that shine like stars"

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"I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon."

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"I mean, I always feel like a freak because I’m never able to move on like this. You know. People just have an affair, or even entire relationships…they break up and they forget! They move on like they would have changed a brand of Cereals. I feel I was never able to forget anyone I’ve been with. Because each person have you know, specific qualities. You can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost. Each relationship, when it ends, really damages me. I haven’t fully recovered. That’s why I’m very careful with getting involved, because it hurts too much."

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"I feel I was never able to forget anyone I have been with. Because each person had their own specific qualities. You can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost."

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"I guess when you’re young you just believe there’ll be many people you’ll connect with. Later in life you realise it only happens a few times."

"I miss you the most at night. When everything is quiet and the silence reminds me that I’m not sleeping next to you."

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The National - Apartment Story | Boxer

Oh we’re so disarming darling, everything we did believe
is diving diving diving diving off the balcony
Tired and wired we ruin too easy
sleep in our clothes and wait for winter to leave

"I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me."

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"Write her a letter, send her a flower, love only gets old if you let it."

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